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Newsletter June 2017


With Easter being late this year we have the celebration of the Feast of Pentecost or Whitsun in June - June the 4th. This marks the end of the Easter period. I will have to take down my Easter tree of eggs, rabbits and chicks. We will also stop lighting the Pascal or Easter candle in Marston Church, lit with the new fire of Easter Eve to symbolise the resurrection and the continuance of the physical presence of Christ in the world.

With Ascension celebrating Jesus' return to God, Pentecost, 50 days after the Feast of the Passover, or Whitsun, celebrates God's Holy Spirit coming to the disciples and the continuance of God's presence in the world. It changed the still frightened disciples who hid behind closed doors, to brave men and women who were prepared to tell others about Jesus and his teaching. Peter, the fisherman from Galilee, addressed a huge crowd, who had come to Jerusalem to celebrate Pentecost, (an agricultural festival). Here was a different man from the one who denied knowing Jesus, changed to a brave, inspired preacher. Because of this, Pentecost is often called the Birthday of the Church. Pentecost is a major festival of the Church which, especially with a fixed Bank Holiday no longer connected to it, has become a rather poor relation of those other great festivals of Christmas and Easter. We will celebrate this important milestone in the Church's history with services in the 3 largest churches. Chilton Church was used to celebrate Ascension.


Chilton has now started Cafe Cantelo in the Church on the 1st Saturday of the month. The two Church Warden's wives are in charge for June. Here is their flyer

















Flaming June - we hope! also brings the Marston Magna Village Event, which hopes to raise a lot of money to help village charities. Lots of exciting things are happening. Do come and support this new venture. So many people have put in so much work to make this a really exciting event with something for everyone, young and old, human or animal throughout the whole day.


Thursday 15th June also marks a special day, called the ‘Thanksgiving for Holy Communion’ or its perhaps better known Latin name ‘Corpus Christi’. As Marston Magna are having a PCC meeting on this day, we are having a short said Communion Service before this at 7pm. All are welcome for this and being June (hopefully warm enough) our meeting will be in the Church following on from the service. You may know this service better as the one, when in the Roman Catholic Church, young people receive their First Communion. Confirmation follows later when they are adults. There is provision for this now in the Anglican Church, where it is called Admission of the Baptised to Communion, ABC for short.


May brought the launch of our Benefice Project to raise funds for Starfish Asia in a special Benefice Service at Rimpton where the leaders of this Charity came to speak to us of how the funds will be used for the education of the poorest in Pakistan. Lots will be happening about this in future.

from Rev’d Barbara Stanton


Diary Dates

3rd June Saturday Cafe Cantelo

4th June Day of Pentecost Whit Sunday

10th June Marston Magna Village Event

15th June Corpus Christi and Marston Magna PCC

22nd June Visitation, the new Archdeacon comes to St John's Yeovil

for the swearing in of Church Wardens 5.30pm all welcome

26th June PCC Rimpton 7.30pm




Cafe Cantelo


Saturday 3rd June 10.30-12.00noon

The Wardens' Wives and their Wares


Featuring the first public viewing of the transcription of our Parish Register.


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Eat: homemade Food


Drink: hot @ cold beverages


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