Fund for St Mary's, Marston Magna

 St Mary's Church, Marston Magna

A great place to be....

A place of peace and quiet. 

St. Mary's is right at the centre of the village.  Some of it dates back to before the Normans.  the church and churchyard have always provided a centre for worship as well as a focal point for the village.


have family and friends who have been married in the church or who are buried in the churchyard.


have sung carols here at Christmas with children and grandchildren


of us see the church almost every day and it would not be the same if it were not a "working, living church"

but ...

That's what the

St Mary's Fund

is about

In 1997 a generous response from many of you, to the Restoration Fund Appeal raised enough money for essential repairs to the church needed at that time. 

Some of you gave money for repairs to the roof which is not yet needed, but for which we need reserve money. 

We also need to broaden our work to provide some infrastructure (water, drains) and to look after the churchyard, its trees and paths

The St Mary's fund has therefore been set up to include the Restoration Fund and to cover the cost of maintaining and restoring the church building, its contents and the churchyard © 2013 • Privacy Policy • Terms of Use